Easy, Organized, Better, Forever!

Explain and train what you need done with ease

Do your busy volunteers prefer to watch videos instead of reading an email or guessing? Probably, so give them what they want. Embed videos right into Your Organized whenever its easier to explain a process or procedure with video.

Drills and Progression Plans at your fingertips

Tired of digging through a stack of papers to find last year’s drills? Trying to find the right technique on Youtube? Your Organized allows all the coaches in your association to get on the same progression plan. Making practice plans easy to design, share and store forever!

Custom Brand your account

At first login in you can add your logo and custom colors for your account to get everything in line with your brand. Then add your team, assign their roles and start creating practice plans, tasks and projects in no time.

Everything about how you do what you do in one place

Your Organized is more than just an onboarding and interactive site for your association. Once your group starts documenting what they do you are well on your way to building a turnkey operations manual and playbook for every role in your board for years to come.

Automate on-boarding & training

Organize content and processes by role, department, or location to create templates and automate your onboarding. If someone new needs to open the concession stand, just assign them and they get everything they need to know and nothing they don’t.

See How It Works

Finally stop repeating yourself

Instead of answering the same questions and explaining the same processes over and over, make it easy for volunteers to access all the information they need to do their job right the first time and every time.

Easily communicate and save time

The easiest way to keep good people around is to ensure they never feel lost in their role or that they are wasting their time. Communicate quickly and effectively to ensure everyone knows the plan and no one gets left behind.

Powerful search functions to find what you need on the go

Search for keywords and topics across all of your associations practice plans and documents to find and reference or update whatever you need when you need it.

Push updates to your team automatically

As soon as any content is changed or added in Your Organized, any volunteer who has previously completed that task will get a notification that there is new material. They will have to log in, review, and re-complete to stay in the know.

Live saved changes while editing

Create subjects and knowledge flows, auto assign content to new volunteers in specific roles, and use photos, videos, or upload existing docs to make training and communication easier than ever. Never have an out of date or inconsistent tasks ever again.